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Charlene-7977Hi there!
My background in photography began in my college days when I took an intro class for fun. All it took was one time in the darkroom and I was hooked. I loved everything about it and ended up graduating from Wayne State with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Photography in 2006. Unfortunately for me this was also the same time that photography was transitioning from film to digital. I am grateful for the experience to have started with film but once I graduated my digital education had only begun.
In the last 10 years photography was put on the back burner. I had my daughter, Chloe, in 2007 and being a Mother became my most important job. Through those years I never gave up my passion for photography. I continued to get behind the camera as often as I could. I had to teach myself photography from a digital standpoint. I am proud to say now that it has all paid off and photography is officially my career! I owe most of my success to the priceless education I gained by working side by side with amazing photographers including Dave and Candice.
I used to work for a professional photography studio but I always felt it wasn’t where I belonged. I consider myself to be a lifestyle/photojournalistic photographer. I enjoy traveling to different locations including the personal space of a client’s home. It’s important for everyone to feel comfortable and be themselves in front of my camera. Then, and only then, will a photograph make you feel an emotion rather than just show you an image. It is my goal to get your genuine smile, laughter, and honest interactions you have with your loved ones. I specialize in weddings, children and family.
Being a mother and a photographer is not all that defines who I am. Some things that are important to know about me personally:
-I married my best friend, Chris, in 2014 at our up north home on the Rifle River. This is where we plan to retire and live happily ever after
-I’m addicted to chapstick and Tim Hortons coffee
-I LOVE music (anything but country) and go to as many concerts as I can
-My husband and I have spent a small fortune playing “our soundtrack” on the jukebox
-I cry at almost anything emotional. It’s actually gotten to be quite ridiculous!
-I prefer independant movies over anything. The stranger the better.
-I am a cat person.
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