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Break time!

Mar 22

About a month ago I marked off  yesterday’s date on the calendar to go visit my Aunt and Uncle who live 3 hours away in the woods where your gps will for sure lose its signal.  No matter how much work we had to do it was a wonderful feeling knowing that on that one day we were allowed to not think about it.  We had a family day that was a mini-vacation.  It was nice to not have to look at the clock and to spend the day outside in nature.  Charley loved the fact that she was in the woods, that she had tons of room to just run, and that she could throw a ball for a dog that would return it for hours.

We also had the chance to have some fun while relieving any stress.  On Valentine’s day we went to the range to shoot but found out due to the high levels of lead in the air at an indoor range it isn’t ideal for expectant moms so we didn’t get to shoot.  My uncle has a few guns and told us we could come check some out.  We were outside on his property with no one else around so we could shoot how we wanted and what we wanted… it was pretty awesome.
It was a first for Dave and myself to shoot an UZI.  I was surprised at how easy and how smooth it was.

This is me unleashing on the target, I told it to ,”Get out of my house “. Hahahaha.

We also tried a couple different types of bullets in a 44 revolver.

Dave got in touch with his inner rambo and tried out a cross bow too.

The  Yellow Mickey was the target.

 Check out the light up arrows…. pretty sweet. Makes tracking a lot easier!!

Here is Charley coloring with my Aunt, and a picture of their beautiful dog.  She is a silver lab.

Excited to say that we will be going back in May and taking pics/video of some pretty sweet shooting shots…. think colored liquid exploding.  Stay tunned!

  1. Candice's Uncle Rick says:

    The pics came out fantastic! We enjoyed the visit as much as you did. After reading your description of “OUR LOCATION”, let me just add for the sake of anyone that might see this, that we are not so isolated from civilization as it sounds! We have running water and electricity too! But the privacy and the opportunity to enjoy nature on this piece of land is priceless. I hate to think of the day when I will lose the joys of walking thru the woods, seeing all the wildlife and watching the color changes in the trees as seasons turn. Funny how you can take for granted something like this. See you guys at Easter.

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