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This is a personal project, done by me, Candice Lamarand. The point of this project was to photograph women without make up and for them to embrace their natural beauty. I had photographed a group of moms for a project on “real women” a couple years ago and the response was incredible.  I had put […]

Reveal True Beauty


Jul 29

Nov 9

If you know us, you most likely saw that we recently lost our Uncle Jeff.  He was a great man, who was always doing so much for his community, and family.   He was working on building their forever home where he, his wife, Mishelle and their two young children where planning on enjoying their […]

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  I have a problem with so many of these “Real Women” campaigns that there are today.  They say a “Real Woman” is curvy.  How is this not just as disrespectful to women that are perfectly healthy and wear a size zero? The part that drives me even more crazy is to talk about these […]

Real Women


Apr 8

I love when family’s want to get all dressed up for their session, but this family took getting dressed up to another level and rocked it. They wanted a high fashion/ editorial look to their images so we shot it at one of my fav hotels, Westin Book Cadillac.  Here are a few of my […]

Detroit Family session with a high fashion feel.


Mar 7

Our friend and uber talented hairstylist/MUA, Sara Landis, wanted to do a shoot to show off some creative hair and make-up she did and that was fun for us to do. We decided on playing off of our hair and doing a “good” guy/ “bad” guy type feel..I was excited to be the white queen […]

White Queen. Dark Queen. Personal Project


Mar 3

Feb 12

Some of you know this but if you don’t, I used to do hair and make-up.  I never thought I would quit, but the more I had a camera in my hand it was easier for me to set down my brushes, and it made it really easy that I had someone that I could […]

Spotlight. Hair Stylist and Make up Artist. Sara


Before summer completely vanished and the cold came in I made sure to get my daughter outside with one of her best friends and her little sis. We used plants from my yard to make their crowns and decorate the swing and were pretty pleased with the results.  Their mom helped make the crowns (Thank […]

Children's portraits: Charley, Lenna, and Maci


Nov 21

I decided for Mother’s day alls I wanted was to have some images of me and my babies.  I had to schedule an appointment and everything to make sure that Dave would take some of me 😉 but I couldn’t be happier that he did.  Thank you babe.  I had to beg my daughter to […]

Me and my babes


Jun 3