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Nov 9

If you know us, you most likely saw that we recently lost our Uncle Jeff.  He was a great man, who was always doing so much for his community, and family.   He was working on building their forever home where he, his wife, Mishelle and their two young children where planning on enjoying their lives when suddenly everything changed.  When you lose a family member unexpectedly it can completely turn your life upside down, you go through every emotion you can think of.  Some of our first thoughts were that we knew Mishelle and the kids should still plan on going to the home they were building so that they could still be “home” with him.  The house still needs quite a bit of work so in addition to fundraising and donations we wanted to find a way to not only help raise money for their family, but to spread the powerful message Mishelle believed in.  More Love. Less Hustle.  With all the crazy hectic schedules in today’s world, and all the pressures it is easy to lose sight of whats important.  Your family, and loved ones are so important. Take a moment to hug someone today, to say you love them, to let a grudge go and say you’re sorry, to dance to your favorite song… because you never know when it is going to be your last chance.
All the profit from these hoodies and tees (adult, child, and toddler sizes) will be going to Mishelle and her family. To help them with day to day expenses as well as finishing their goal so she, and the kids can be “home” with Jeff.
The design was done by Kenzie Leigh (thank you so much!! love it!!) The shirts are done by Rob at 509 Screen Printing
Please share this link.  If you are instagram and order a shirt- Please take a pic of you wearing it and use the hashtag #morelovelesshustle   I would love it if Mishelle could see everyone!!  Thank you sooo much! -Candice
There are many options for shirt colors. The font comes in grey so it will be seen on all the available colors.
To order the shirts please go to : 

links right to the listings are as follows:







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