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White Queen. Dark Queen. Personal Project

Mar 3

Our friend and uber talented hairstylist/MUA, Sara Landis, wanted to do a shoot to show off some creative hair and make-up she did and that was fun for us to do. We decided on playing off of our hair and doing a “good” guy/ “bad” guy type feel..I was excited to be the white queen but had a hard time looking angelic!  Sara can rock out any look so she didn’t have a hard time at all!  Dave was able to shoot this with some dramatic light so he was able to have some fun too.  After shooting it we decided we wanted to give the image a little more so we reached out to a retoucher and we are very happy with the results!! What do you think?!
Retouching: D.j San Retouching
Hair and Make-up: Sara Landis : SaraLandisStyle@gmail.com

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