Don't be so serious... -


Don't be so serious…

Feb 13

When you come to our site to see our photography, obviously you see our best work. What most people don’t know until after they become a client and get their finished product, is that throughout the day we always capture some hilarious photos! Our clients get these photos, but we don’t really post them in our portfolio. So this year we decided to share some of these images from 2012.

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In this photo Candice captured the emotional father of the bride and he caught her in the act

When posing these two for their beautiful wedding day portraits, the groom decided to grab a handful of his new wife’s booty


One more from this wedding and a good example of how the groomsmen often like to do their own thing. Be warned, whatever you do, we will capture it!


When shooting the formal shots of the wedding party, we like to get the “good”  shot, then tell them they can do what they want for a “fun” shot. Not sure what’s going on here, but I was cracking up!


Whenever we are editing our weddings, it’s hard not to smile and laugh when seeing images like this one and remembering how much everyone was laughing!


Another great laughing shot from a reception:


Some people do the darndest things when posing
no explanation needed
This next one is a personal favorite of mine and a moment I will probably never forget. After the speeches they called up the brides aunt for what I thought was going to be a prayer before dinner. So here comes this cute little old lady, they handed her a mic… and she starts belting out this old family drinking song! Everyone joined in for what was my first experience at a drinking song singalong. I loved it! …maybe because I love beer?


Here we have a groom rocking out on the dance floor. This is why it’s much better for photos if you’re out there having a good time!Magee-5337

….And for our hands down favorite funny photo of 2012, this one Candice took of the groomsmen before the wedding. They mentioned to her that they wanted a “ugly face” photo and I swear, we both crack up at this every time we see it! Dude on the left is killin it!

We hope you enjoyed these as much as we have!

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