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Welcome baby Oliver, born at home in the water.

Jan 21

To those of you who know me, you probably know that I am pretty passionate about natural birth and have a special place in my heart for home births.  Don’t get me wrong, no matter how a baby comes into the world is amazing, but the rawness and the emotion that comes with an all natural birth is something that words don’t do justice.  Being at home with who you hold most dear is such a wonderful thing for a mother to experience, and as for baby…what better way to come into the world…surrounded by love and right into your new home.
I am sure at every birth I will cry and I will smile even more…Here are some images from the last home birth I shot. Jessica- I am so proud of you, you did amazing…just when you thought you couldn’t do it, you did it, and then you were rewarded with an absolutely perfect little boy and I couldn’t be happier for you.
fan club
and then less than 20 min after a few serious contractions started and she needed to push……. there is a big high five….
at 8:59 on 1.14.2014 a perfect baby boy came into the world, first held in his mother’s arms, surrounded by family including his dad, brother, and sister.
sweet boy
Mike, let me just add that you are an awesome dad and you were so encouraging for Jessica.  Thank you for letting me capture this day for you guys!
herbal bath
Now I know all of these images are black and white but the next one I have to keep in color.  This is Jessica and Oliver in their herbal bath about an hour after delivery.  Look how absolutely perfect their skin is! Jessica you are so beautiful and I love the way you are admiring him here.
herbalbath peaceful
Then it was time to weigh and measure him. weight: 7 lbs 2 oz.  length: 19.5″
Special thanks to Goldie Parker and her assistant Amy too!!

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