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Let's Get Married.

Aug 26

I received a text from a friend (She is a mom of three and we have been photographing her family for 9 years now) that said, “Did you hear the news?” I responded with “Ahhh are you pregnant?!”   “No, I’m not pregnant LMAO!” she said, so I quickly typed back, “Finally getting married?!”  After many laughing emoji’s she said “Yes! Finally tying the knot!”  A couple weeks later I was able to capture their very intimate ceremony. Less than 10 people and a dinner after but it was just perfect.   Jessica and Mike have been together for over 10 years and are one of the sweetest couples I know.  We have had the pleasure of watching their family grow and I had the honor of photographing their third child come into the world at home surrounded by his siblings.   I knew I would be crying at this wedding when I found out little Oliver would be giving her away during the ceremony, I wasn’t the only one.  So happy for you guys!!
wedding ceremony
son on parents wedding day
flower girl
ring bearer cake

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