Meet Charlene, our new associate photographer! -


Meet Charlene, our new associate photographer!

Mar 7

Getting an associate photographer on board is something we have needed to do for far too long. It’s not an easy task to find the right person for the job, especially in the creative arena. Everyone has their own style of photography but when people hire you to capture their important moments, they are usually drawn to your style in particular. While having the right style is important, personality also plays a big roll in our jobs, so the right associate also needs to be able to work well with people and handle the stresses of the job.
Charlene has shot with us multiple times in the past few years but she officially started working with us as our associate last year.  She joined our team right before our busiest time of year so we never got the chance to properly introduce her!  She had years of experience shooting before working with us, but was eager to shadow us to really get a feel for our style of shooting, and our interaction with our clients.  Her style quickly matched with ours, and her personality is one that leaves our clients and us always smiling.
She has been a huge help around the office and was able to pick up several jobs that we were unavailable for. This year she is officially available for booking portraits, weddings and events.
If you would like to get to know more about Charlene, head over to her “About me” page. If you’re interested in booking her for your wedding, portraits or event, please head over to our contact page

Please check out a sample of some of her work below, then say hi and leave her some love! We are excited to have her on our team and for you to meet and work with her.
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Hadlee Newborn-44
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(Click to view more of Charlene’s wedding portfolio)

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