Marvin + Katy | Masonic Temple Detroit Wedding -


Marvin + Katy | Masonic Temple Detroit Wedding

Jul 23

I want to start this blog post by stating that the Masonic Temple in Detroit is an amazing and highly underrated venue for a wedding in Detroit, Mi.  It has some of the most breathtaking historical architecture in the state. The Crystal Ballroom is something to behold and its the smaller of two Ballrooms! The Fountain Ballroom use to be host to the Auto Show long before Cobo became the new home. After the many years of the Detroit recession, they are finally getting around to making some much needed improvements on the building and it’s going to make a great comeback. It is a fantastic place where you can have your ceremony and reception in one location and have a lot to work with for photos.
Ok, enough about the building..
Marvin and Katy were great to work with, It was an honor to capture the wedding of such a fun and caring couple. The building lent itself to some great atmosphere and photos. They both looked fantastic and everyone had a blast at the reception.
Katy looked amazing in her wedding dress from David’s Bridal and hair and makeup by Bridesmaid Beautiful. Bridal Bouquets were courtesy of Distinctive Design by Trish and the entertainment was provided by our friend John at JD Entertainment.
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