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Randall + Sara | Detroit Wedding

Sep 15

These two! I can’t say enough great things about Randall and Sara and all of their friends and family. I shot this wedding solo and really had a great day with everyone. I started out with the girls at Atheneum Suite Hotel  before we headed over to the Immaculate Conception Church  for the ceremony. The wedding party formals were done downtown near the Riverwalk and some closer to Atwater Brewery where we stopped afterwards so they could all grab a drink.
The reception was at the Atheneum Suite Hotel  which I highly recommend for a reception. The natural light and rooftop views of the city are fantastic, I love shooting there! The wedding cake was made by International Banquet Centers You will also notice from the detail shots that they also have quite the impressive dessert spread. I was able to sneak away with the bride and groom after dinner for some rooftop photos that were totally worth it!

Shortly after the wedding I posted an image that I had to share because the moment stuck with me ever since. That image was the most viewed image that we had ever posted. Randall’s Father had stage 4 cancer and was very proud of the fact that he was able to make there to the ceremony and reception. During the speeches, the best man talked about how great of a man he was and that he was basically a second father to him. All of the great things he had to say made me wish I would have grown up with them as well. The last speech was from Randall, and the room became overwhelmed with emotion. I could barely fight back the tears..but I maintained composure enough to capture the moment of him hugging his father.

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Dedicated to John Blackburn (1950-2016)

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