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Photos and Blog by Charlene A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing Marian and Ashley’s wedding shower at the Macedonian Cultural Center in Sterling Heights, MI. When I arrived I was literally stunned when I walked into the room.  It was just as exquisite if not more so than most weddings I’ve […]

Marian and Ashley's Wedding Shower | Sterling Heights


May 16

Mar 7

Getting an associate photographer on board is something we have needed to do for far too long. It’s not an easy task to find the right person for the job, especially in the creative arena. Everyone has their own style of photography but when people hire you to capture their important moments, they are usually […]

Meet Charlene, our new associate photographer!


Victoria, let me just saw first off, you are gorgeous.  Second, I loved seeing how much fun you and Zachary have together, and I adore how wonderfully kind your families are.  I am very excited for you two to have gotten married and to soon be bringing a baby into the world! Thank you for […]

Married|Zachary and Victoria|Waldenwoods


Mar 4

Here are some of our favorites from Matthew and Caitlin’s New Years Eve wedding, it was a wonderful day!  Their ceremony was at St. Edith Church in Livonia and their reception was at Surburban Showplace in Novi. They were sounded by their family and friends who showed so much love for them and I had a hard time […]

New Years Eve Wedding|Matthew and Caitlin


Feb 22

Grant and Kayla don’t live local so they came into town for the weekend when their session was scheduled.  The weather report said it was going to rain all day, I said we would find a way to rock it out and not to worry.  Luckily for us it did not rain, but it did […]

Winter Engagement|Fenton


Jan 28

Dec 8

Tyler and Lauren were lucky to have had their session scheduled at the perfect time to capture the first snowfall this season.  It was really fun to see fall colored trees with snow on them but as the snow kept coming down it quickly felt much more like winter!  We did their session in multiple […]

Winter Engagement|Royal Oak|Tyler and Lauren


I have been friends with Neil since middle school, he was actually one of my “men of honor” in our wedding!  I have always wished him a happily ever after with a beautiful and kind lady and I’m happy to say he is getting that!  Neil and Meghan are just the cutest and I am so […]

Clawson Engagement|Neil and Meghan


Nov 5

We started Sean and Megan’s engagement session with their fur baby.  She is so happy that her humans are getting married;)  Here are some of my favs from their session complete with cuddling,laughs,a tutu, and champagne!            

Stoney Creek Engagement|Sean and Megan


Nov 1