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Welcome to the new website!

Mar 4

Pile-o-camera stuff

Since no post is complete without some photos.. Candice had the idea to cram all of our camera equipment together for some photos. The only equipment not included was lighting and the 3rd 5D Mark II and the 50mm 2.5 macro I used to take the photo. While it’s not really related to the topic, it’s still something to look at. 
It wasn’t long after I started “Dave Lamarand Photography” that I knew I was going to need help from my wife Candice. Originally I was thinking more along the lines of having her help with keeping track of money, contracts and other paperwork but it didn’t take long to realize that she was more interested in shooting. Once she finally started doing it on her own she picked it up real quick! So quick in fact that I think it was no more than a couple of months before she started getting her own work and would often outshoot me at weddings! So the inevitable question of the business name had to come up! We could have continued with the same name, but it actually makes things more complicated than it’s worth. Not that changing the name wasn’t a pain in the ass all it’s own, but totally worth it!
Getting this website together ended up being more work than my last site but it will also be easier to maintain and keep updated. I will be keeping www.DaveLamarand.com for commercial and event related work, and will also keep that blog active, but true to my form, who knows if it will ever get updated. I love the look of the old site, but it is a flash site. While flash sites look cool, they have stability issues and are a problem for iPhone and iPod users (which is a HUGE market share).
With this new site the blog is integrated and we will be able to keep it all updated at we go along. So hopefully we can avoid having to build a new site for more than a year this time… but who knows. I am also willing to bet most of the blogging will be done by Candice.
Moving forward Candice will be handeling most child and family portrait types of sessions. I will be focusing more on weddings and commercial work. I will continue to finish sessions with clients that have portrait packages with me, unless they decide they would prefer working with Candice. We will both be doing boudoir sessions depending on who the client is more comfortable working with. With the new addition to the family due in July, we may be taking on a lot less portrait work for a while around then.
So.. since we have all new branding, we also had to start a Lamarand Style facebook page. So please take the time out to “like” and “share” the new FB page and also the new site if you feel inclined.
Please take some time to check out the new galleries, pricing information and other blogs! We hope everyone enjoys the new site and look forward to keeping you updated with our great clients and other fun stuff!


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