Charley the underwear monkey -


Charley the underwear monkey

Mar 11

We were lucky enough to have our daughter come with us on a destination wedding in St. Thomas. It was an amazing wedding and so wonderful to shoot a wedding with the sand in between my toes!
After the wedding we had some free time so Charley and I walked in the ocean a little bit and played in the waves. I didn’t pack her a bathing suit or any other clothes so I just allowed her to play in her underwear. It was wonderful to be so relaxed and carefree. After playing in the ocean for a while I asked her If she wanted to climb a tree. She did, and she was determined to do it herself. I sat back and watched. First she realized that the tree kinda hurt her foot, so she started packing sand on it. Then she would re-asses the tree before trying again. I was very proud of her trying to problem solve and so happy that she could be the free spirit that she is. After a while she had some help up the tree and was very happy to be up high. This experience was truly a reminder that the simple things are the most wonderful.


  1. Mike says:

    Very cool photos. It’s so much fun watching them learn things on their own.

  2. Candice says:

    thank you! Yes you are right, that is the best part!

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