Ice cream party for a 2 year old! -


Ice cream party for a 2 year old!

Jun 14

One of my dearest clients, Sam, asked me to photograph her daughter’s 2nd birthday party.  Of course I wanted to so I gave her some of my available dates right away to make sure that I would be able to make it.  She always has fun props for her sessions and tells me things like,” if you want I can paint these chairs “…. awesome!   With her love of DIY stuff I knew that this party was gonna be super cute!
The day of the party I planned to show up an hour before the start time to make sure I could see everything before kids started grabbing goodies! On my way she sent me a message that said,” You’ll know what pavilion is mine.”  Before I even pulled in to the park I was smiling because she was right.  I spotted 2 rows of  big ice cream cones (the ice cream parts were pink and white balloons) leading up to a pavilion that was being covered with over 300 balloons!

While they finished setting up I hung out with the birthday girl and grabbed a couple pics of her and her brother.

The theme of the party was ice cream  but there was much more than just a sundae bar!  Sam made everything herself, the centerpieces, banner, piñata, party favors,and of course all the yummy treats!!

Instead of a “goodie bag” the kids were able to make their own super hero cape. (Capes were constructed out of t-shirts and sticky cut outs).

Everyone’s time was spent just enjoying the great weather, the wonderfully delicious treats, and each other.  I just loved watching her “share” with her Grandmas.

What birthday princess would be complete without her crown?  I just LOVE this crown!!

Happy Birthday!!!! Thanks again for having me and for the goodies you let me take for Charley too!!!

  1. Jessica says:

    Amazing ideas and photos!

  2. angela says:

    Wow.. looks like something I would view in a martha stewart magazine.. okay suzy home-maker.. never seeeen a party quite like that one.. too cool!

  3. Kendra Koman says:

    What an amazing birthday party!

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