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A+A Happily Ever After

Jun 21

We had a blast with Amber and Alan the day of their wedding! They are both absolutely adorable and their love for each other is so sweet!  Amber put a lot of thought in to all of her details and it showed.. everything was wonderful!
We met the girls at Elevate Salon in Trenton while they were getting ready.  Really cute salon and they were having a blast there.

After the salon Dave went to hang out with the girls as they got ready.  Check out these sweet shoes!! Yes those are Jimmy Choo’s

and her romantic dress

The bridesmaids’ necklaces were their gifts, all different and all made with love, from etsy

I went to The Dearborn Inn to hang out with the guys as they got ready and then we headed to The Henry Ford for pictures before the ceremony.

Dave and the girls showed up there a little bit after us.   We had a couple hours to shoot before the ceremony (which is wonderful!!!)  It was funny though since Amber and Alan didn’t want to see each other  so we kept having to be on the look out!
The ladies:

and their awesome shoes…

The guys:

and their sweet socks:

The beautiful bride!!

and the anxious groom!

as guests started to arrive we got Alan off to the Lovett Hall library to hang out before the ceremony, it was a long wait for him, as he was very eager to see his bride!

Dave went with Amber so she could see how beautiful everything looked after it was set up and so she had a moment to enjoy it .  We love shooting in places like Lovett Hall that have this much natural light!!

and then ……..ceremony time!!  The ceremony was at Ginger Meyer Garden at Lovett Hall, it was a beautiful day outside!

One of my favorite parts of the day is after a bride and groom become Mr+Mrs and they walk away from their ceremony and share that first moment together, alone.

We didn’t have tons of time with the whole bridal party but luckily we were at an awesome location and didn’t have to go far! (Dave just had to track down some security guards to move their cars so they wouldn’t be in our shot!)  What an awesome looking bridal party.  I love how everyone was able to add their own style to their look!

After the party went off to go party we spent some time with Amber+ Alan.  I just can’t get over how sweet they are.

This is one of my all time favorite images..

off to the reception! They put the own style into everything including their own “photo booth/ guest book”

After cake they had their first dance as Mr+Mrs.

They had a close friend marry them and  he played a beautiful song for them too (so awesome!)

We want to thank you guys again for having us there to capture your wedding day, you guys and everything about your wedding was truly wonderful!!

  1. Mishelle says:

    Holy wow. What a gorgeous wedding! That bridal shot is ahhhmazing. Great work!

  2. Levi Landis says:

    My god- fantatic! I love Alan and Amber- they look so great here.

  3. Jen says:

    You guys were great, and you captured the day so beautifully. Also, congrats on your new family!

  4. Amber Hartman says:

    Awesome job guys! You made us look good!

  5. Dave says:

    Thank you Jen!
    We just took your pictures Amber, you all looked great! Thanks again!

  6. Gorgeous pictures!!! Nice job.

  7. Alan Carroll says:

    The photos are beautiful. We’re so happy to have these to look back on. Dave and Candice, you’re great at what you do. Thank you!

  8. Candice says:

    Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments!

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