Chicago Engagement: Luke + Carrie -


Chicago Engagement: Luke + Carrie

Apr 1

When Luke and Carrie asked if I would be interested in coming out to Chicago for a shoot.. uh … Of Course! It was a no brainer! I was pretty excited about it! Any opportunity we have to work in a new location it’s like being a kid in a candy store. There’s so many new things to work with it’s hard to make up my mind sometimes.
Naturally it always helps when you have a great looking couple that are cool and fun to work with so this shoot came together well.  We didn’t do many of the locations you might expect from Downtown Chicago, because I usually try to avoid doing what most other photographers do.. but I did start off with the obligatory “Bean” shot:
Most of the images in this blog post will be B&W because I just happen to think those felt right.
Luke_Carrie-1513 (1)


In this shot I wanted a little more “closeness” between them and asked Luke to “Snuggle up” with Carrie. On the left is what he originally gave me (which was pretty funny) but on the right was what I was looking for


Luke_Carrie-1664 (1)

Luke_Carrie-1679 (1)

We wrapped up the shoot at the “Hop Haus” and had a couple drinks and chatted for a bit..


Thanks again you guys for having us out for the session and our mini 3 day getaway! We had a great time! Can’t wait for the big wedding day, it’s gonna be a blast!

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