Beautiful You. -


Beautiful You.

Mar 14

Women in general and especially women who are mothers tend to put everyone else before themselves; their children, their husband, friends, job, shoot- maybe even the dog!  I know I am guilty of this but I am getting better at saying, ” ya know what? I deserve this!”
One of the wonderful parts about being a woman is having so much love to give and the ability to take care of so many people and things. In doing so, we often neglect ourselves, when in fact loving ourselves a little more can make us happier and in turn benefit others around us as well.  Plus, to all the moms out their with little girls, shouldn’t we set the example that it is important to feel good about ourselves?!
Another wonderful perk to being a woman is lipstick….and heels, and jewelry  …..getting our hair and make up done….and lashes….oh and so many styles of clothes to choose from…… who doesn’t love that?!!!
Too often I hear, ” I want photos done so bad but I have to lose 10 more pounds”,  “I’m too old”, “I’m shy” or “Im just not photogenic”.  It is time to throw out all our your excuses ladies. I want you to come get your hair and make up done and have some photos taken of you and how beautiful you are.  We can have your session reflect you however you wish; cute, fun, beautiful, or even sexy! Spend a couple hours on yourself! Get dolled up and have some awesome images to show off, I promise you won’t regret it.
I will be working with an amazing hair and make-up artist, offering styling tips and don’t worry I can help with posing too for you that think you can not take a good picture! I will be offering packages with prints and digital files- can we say early Mother’s day present?!!  (Or a just because you are awesome gift)
Please fill out our contact tab for more details!!