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We had so much fun and were so happy with last month’s boudoir specials we are doing it again!!! Saturday March 21st we have Two spots left for boudoir! Hair and make up is available on site for a discounted rate as well. (All Hair and Make up  featured was done by Sara Landis) Please […]

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Mar 10

Apr 8

  I have a problem with so many of these “Real Women” campaigns that there are today.  They say a “Real Woman” is curvy.  How is this not just as disrespectful to women that are perfectly healthy and wear a size zero? The part that drives me even more crazy is to talk about these […]

Real Women


We often have girls that want to surprise their man with sexy images of themselves and I will think that it is an awesome gift for their significant other and for themselves, but you know what I think is even hotter? Doing a boudoir session together. Everyone likes to feel sexy…and I think most will […]

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Mar 15

Women in general and especially women who are mothers tend to put everyone else before themselves; their children, their husband, friends, job, shoot- maybe even the dog!  I know I am guilty of this but I am getting better at saying, ” ya know what? I deserve this!” One of the wonderful parts about being […]

Beautiful You.


Mar 14

Just wanted to say Happy Mother’s day to all the amazing mothers out there!!  I hope you can enjoy your day today however you wish, sleeping in, being cooked for, shopping, being pampered, or just spending the day with the ones you hold most dear.  Remember that you are beautiful, amazing, and greatly appreciated!!

Happy Mother's day!


May 13