Couples Boudoir -


Couples Boudoir

Mar 15

We often have girls that want to surprise their man with sexy images of themselves and I will think that it is an awesome gift for their significant other and for themselves, but you know what I think is even hotter?
Doing a boudoir session together.
Everyone likes to feel sexy…and I think most will agree that you feel pretty great when you are with the one you love. The one that loves you, and your body, the one you are intimate with. This is a great way to have something to look back on when your older, or need a little reminder of how hot you are together. ¬†One of my favorite things about shooting couples boudoir is that couples aren’t worried about how they look, they are just focused on each other.
Here are a few images that I can share from a recent session of a couple that decided to do this as a pre-wedding gift to themselves!

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