Megan and Bobby|Utica,Michigan -


Megan and Bobby|Utica,Michigan

Oct 26

Megan and Bobby are dear friends of ours and we’ve been talking about taking their pictures forever. Typically people have pictures done when they get engaged, but does that mean you can’t have your pictures done as a couple if you’re not engaged?! Of course not! Love is love no matter what your status is.One day over nachos(aren’t all great things discussed over nachos?!) Megan and I set a date and made it happen.
We did their session in downtown Utica where they first started out. Right as I was getting started with their session Megan yelled, “Pennywise!” I didn’t want to turn around, I asked if she saw a balloon, a real clown, a picture or if I should be scared! She then pointed out the graffiti at the beginning of a tunnel… so naturally we went to explore it!  We explored different places as they reminisced about some of their early dates.  It really was a great time! We ended the session with them rocking their  whiskey soul shirts from our etsy shop, Vintage Unicorn Goods, which I was pumped about for multiple reasons.
I knew I would want to blog their session no matter what but I didn’t know where to start when talking about them because let me tell you I could go on forever.  I’ve spent countless nights out with these two, (Bobby is a drummer and I’ve seen him play a million times), we traveled out of state, and out of the country with these’s not too often you have that great of a relationship with the people you’re photographing. So I thought I would try something different. I asked Megan a couple questions and gave her the choice on what to respond to.  This was her response and I think it’s perfect.
“Wow. I’ll probably start crying as I type this. Lol. It’ll be 17 yrs in November. He’s my family. My anniversary post from a couple yrs ago sums it up perfectly. (that post said ‘Happy 15 babe! You make me laugh everyday. You comfort me when I cry. You are excited for my successes. And you encourage me when I’m frustrated. You are my best friend and my love.’)  I could go on forever about what he means to me. He is just always there for me. And he’s so smart, so much smarter than me but he never makes me feel stupid. We talk about everything. We’ve only had a couple of huge fights because we talk thru everything before it gets that far. I love that he’s a drummer. Lol. His talent is crazy. I love the way he treats his family and friends. There is a reason he is loved. He’s an asshole that’s incredibly charming and he’s really cute 😍 I really don’t know how I got so lucky in love. Also, I remember one of my girls at work asked “don’t you get sick of him?” After she found out how long we had been together and I said no. I mean isn’t that the point? Lol.”
As for the shoot itself Megan had this to say, “And the shoot was great! I was so nervous cuz I don’t like how I look in pictures and I thought I’d have to look/act a certain way but you made me feel natural even when some of them didn’t feel natural. I mean, you’re awesome. I felt more relaxed after the first couple just cuz I didn’t know what to expect. Thank you ❤️😘”
I didn’t  give Bobby much notice or warning that I was going to ask questions, but I think his short and sweet answer is perfect. “I just love her as much after all these years as I ever have. Everyday she surprises me.”
Megan and Bobby- I love you guys, thank you for having me capture the two of you, and thank you for being such great friends! Cheers! -Candice

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